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Practical learning for adults

The Grundtvig programme focuses on the teaching and study needs of those in adult education and alternative education streams, as well as the institutions and organisations delivering these services.


Grundtvig aims to provide adults with ways to improve their knowledge and skills, keeping them mentally fit and potentially more employable. It not only covers learners in adult education, but also the teachers, trainers, education staff and facilities that provide these services.

Objectives and actions

· Increase the number of people in adult education, and improve the quality of their experience

· Improve conditions for mobility so that people  can benefit from adult education abroad 

· Improve the quality and amount of co-operation between adult education organisations 

· Develop innovative adult education and management practices, and encourage widespread application 

· Actions include support for:

· Mobility, including visits,  adult education exchanges (i.e. staff training and professional development, beneficiaries as well) and the preparations needed to plan the exchanges

· Grundtvig Learning Partnerships focusing on themes mutual interest to participating organisations 

· Multilateral projects for improving adult education systems through the development and transfer of innovation and good practice 

Coordination :

ADSEA Logis Formation (France)

Duration :

2years, from august 2008 to july 2010

Grundtvig2 project

Productions & results

Expressions of learners